Monday, 6 June 2011

iOS 5 comes this fall!

Like the version number, there are 5 new extraordinarily impressive features, of course along with many other minors. The one i'm most excited about is the long waited release of notifications, similar to android where rather than bugging your screen, it harmlessly appears at the top, allowing the swipe to ignore, a swell as appearing on the Lock screen and a separate app with it all together. iMessage, similar to BBM on the blackberry, does what you expect to all iDevices under internet connection, which is appealing. Newsstand is like the iBooks application but with magazines and newspapers, also giving the opportunity for a subscription update. Twitter is now integrated in to your apps, such as safari and maps, where under settings you sign in and it allows you to post updates such as websites or positions straight from the app you are in. Lastly we have the new iCloud integrated in to iOS 5 where you can store all your content on all your devices, up to 5gb free, including mail, documents, Music, camera roll and other application information. This allows you to wirelessly purchase them to your device. Other new features and improvements do include a new reminders tweak, upgraded apps such as photos, safari, mail and game-center. For more information view the apple website here.


  1. thanks for info.
    m looking forward!

  2. Never really liked iOS4

  3. >> Never really liked iOS4


  4. "store all your content on all your devices, up to 5gb free" Thats an awesome deal!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  5. I am so pumped. I can't wait, although I will probably upgrade to the latest iPhone at that time. Cool blog. Following.!

  6. icloud should be interesting.